In this game you have to use your tools to dig and crash in a cave as you search for your pet mole who’s gone loose

Try to find it while the ceiling slowly colapses, filing the ground with more and more obstacles. Try not to get hit!


  • Movement
    • Arrow Keys
  • Hit
    • Z => Swing left
    • X => Swing right
  • Change Tools
    • A => Pickaxe
    • S => Shovel

Each tool can destroy a specific tipe of block

Disclaimer: This game was made for LD42 and I wasn’t able to put any sound in time and ended up doing only 4 stages, with no score system whatsoever. I’ll try to polish it and submit to the LOWREZJAM2018 on, so if you like the game idea, be sure to check it out :)

Thank you for playing!

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