As an indestructible pink rectangle, all you want is some quiet place to rest and enjoy life... but it seems you chose the wrong little planet :/

Why do all space drifting torpedos (that's a thing apparently) have to end up right in your home?

Use your body to destroy them all and defend your world before it blows up!


left/right arrow keys or A/D to walk

up arrow key, W or SPACEBAR to jump

Made in under 48h for the 38th Ludum Dare. Theme: A Small World.


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Unlucky Planet.exe 2 MB


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What a nice game, and so simple! It inspires me to join the next GameJam (:

Can't u share the code? I'm struggling on my project and i think this could really help me...

Thanks a lot!

I have to look for the code in my stuff, but if I find it I'll share it with you, no problem! Can you send me a request on